ABOUT KT and her ice teas

Kate Maxwell, “the designer” of herbal ice tea blends, enjoys to satisfy customers with a unique collection of healthy alternatives to conventional drinks, a range of products that are beneficial for our well-being and that satisfy taste buds at the same time.

Originally from Queanbeyan, NSW (near Canberra) Kate Maxwell chose Brisbane has her hometown after living in numerous locations across Australia.  Kate is proud to say she lost 58 kg in 6 months by using natural health systems and consuming 8 litres of water and herbal tea per day.

After discovering the health benefits of herbal tea, Kate continued to use this method throughout her twenties to assist in curing diabetes, anaemia, and Polycystic Ovary syndrome.

Since living in Brisbane, Kate began to drink certain teas with refreshing benefits to combat Queensland’s humid heat. As an avid herbal tea drinker Kate became somewhat frustrated because of a limited availability of herbal teas that she would have liked to see in the market place - teas that would guarrantee great taste, particularly cold in the form of ice teas.

Kate is dedicated to natural health principles and she considers living in harmony with the environment an important element in her life. As a result, Kate's selection of herbal ice tea products is derived from ingredients that are naturally available within her environment. Kate's teas can be enjoyed and maintain their remedial properties for more than three months.

KT's ice tea blends reflect Kate's passion for herbal teas as they contain only the highest quality of unpolluted, natural ingredients. Other benefits for her customers include KT's great flavours that are derived from her uniue combination of ingredients that are clearly and honestly displayed on the front of the packaging.