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Although this site is focusing on Ice Teas, KT's blends can be enjoyed cold or hot.
KT blends will awaken your senses, and most importantly, your body's sense of balance. KT's Ice Tea blends facilitate a natural, physiological process that allows the body to function better.  KT Teas help to regain health naturally by assisting the body's natural healing processes.

Health Ice teas

All our ice tea ranges use traditional ancient Chinese and Indian medicinal principles to optimize health and well-being.  Within this category we focus on specific physical health conditions and help individuals treat associated symptoms whilst enjoying refreshing ice tea!

Relaxing Ice Teas

KT teas support your lifestyle by helping you to avoid short and long term effects of stress. Stress symptoms can show up as tiredness, aches/pains or short tempers.

Emotional Magic ice teas

Providing the cells in the body the nourishment to produce the necessary chemicals such as serotonin to allow for emotional well-being.  The teas treat and prevent symptoms and conditions such as depression or anxiety. 

Vitality ice teas

This range helps your natural organs achieve optimal functionality, therefore achieving and sustaining overall wellbeing and health.  It will regulate blood presure and assist your heart to optimally function and regulate cholesterol levels all assisting longevity.

Energy ice teas

Maintain high energy and mental alertness even during the demanding times of the 21st century.  This range will help your body produce the energy it needs to keep up with you and reduce the effects of additional stress.

21st Overload ice teas

Helping your body rid the toxins and minimise the physical that are delivered in the overload of the 21st century.  The 21st Overload includes an increase in dangerous toxicity levels from caffeine, radiation, pollution, prescription drugs, alcohol and so on ...